How create a 2-row table header with docutils in python

To create a 2-row table header using Docutils in Python, you typically use reStructuredText markup and then process it using a Docutils parser. Below is an example using the docutils.core.publish_parts function:

from docutils import core

rst_content = """
| Header Row 1     | Header Row 2     |
| Cell 1,1         | Cell 1,2         |
| Cell 2,1         | Cell 2,2         |

# Process the reStructuredText content
result = core.publish_parts(source=rst_content, writer_name='html')

# Access the generated HTML
html_output = result['html_body']

# Print or further process the HTML output

In this example, core.publish_parts is used to process the reStructuredText content and generate HTML output. Make sure to replace 'html' with the desired output format if you need a different format.

You can install Docutils using:

pip install docutils

Remember that this example uses the html writer; if you want a different output format (e.g., LaTeX), you should adjust the writer_name parameter accordingly.

This is a simple way to use Docutils in Python to convert reStructuredText with a 2-row table header into HTML (or other formats). The resulting HTML can be embedded in a webpage or used as needed in your application. Adjust the reStructuredText content as necessary for your use case.

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